Sign this petition to scrap the ‘digital identity’ power grab


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Sign this petition to scrap the ‘digital identity’ power grab

The Labor government wants to take your most sensitive personal data.

They want to cram it into a central government-run database – the perfect target for a hacker.

They want to generate a ‘digital identity’ with this data.

Then they will force you to use this ‘digital identity’ to transact online or access online services.

The worst part? This is the first step in a Chinese-style social credit system.

If you don’t toe the line, your ‘digital identity’ could be cancelled, meaning you’d be cut off from the world of online services that people now rely on.

This is a fundamental threat to your freedom and our democracy.

You and I need to send a strong message now that Australians will not take this lying down.

Thanks for your support. 

Yours sincerely,

Alex Antic
Liberal Senator for South Australia
Authorised by Senator Alex Antic Liberal Party of Australia (South Australian Division) Adelaide SA

Dear Prime Minister,


We do not want to be forced to use a ‘digital identity’ to access online services.


We do not trust your government and future governments with our most sensitive personal information.


We are deeply concerned that governments will abuse this system and use it to create a Chinese-style social credit system to crack down on citizens who don’t toe the government-approved line.


So please, scrap the ‘digital identity’ legislation and stop the rollout of forced digital identity policies across government services.


Take your hands off our sensitive and private personal data.


Stop buddying up to Big Tech who want to digitise everything and cancel sensible centre-right political views.


Stop driving this country towards a Communist China-style system where citizens can be cut off from critical online services via the deactivation of their ‘digital identity’.


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