PARLIAMENT MUST PASS THE Childhood Gender Transition Prohibition Bill 2023


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In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the number of minors seeking “gender affirming care” from gender clinics.

As reported in The Daily Telegraph late last year:

“There were 2067 young people attending public [gender] clinics in 2021 [in Australia], almost 10 times the number in 2014, when there were 211 children. The number of under 18s being prescribed puberty suppressing drugs shot up from five in 2014 to 624 in 2019…”

However, many “detransitioners” are now speaking out, as you may have seen on a recent Channel 7 Spotlight news special.

In Australia, people under 18 cannot drink alcohol, vote in an election or watch R rated movies, yet in certain circumstances they can receive surgical procedures and puberty blocking drugs.

That’s why I have introduced the Childhood Gender Transition Prohibition Bill 2023 to ban using puberty-blocking drugs and surgical interventions that are intended to transition a minor’s biological sex, as well as end taxpayer funding for clinics that provide such services.

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Alex Antic
Liberal Senator for South Australia
Authorised by Senator Alex Antic Liberal Party of Australia (South Australian Division) Adelaide SA



To the Australian Parliament


We the undersigned say:


  • The number of under 18s being diagnosed with gender dysphoria and receiving interventions such as puberty-blocking drugs and surgery has increased dramatically in the past decade.
  • There is evidence to show that many children who experience gender dysphoria grow out of these symptoms.
  • Both overseas and in Australia, many “detransitioners” are now speaking out about these interventions.


We urge the Federal Parliament to pass the Childhood Gender Transition Prohibition Bill 2023.


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