SA senator will lead a sub attack in speech


Nuclear Technology should be considered as a viable and lucrative component of SA’s economy, Liberal Senator Alex Antic will outline today in his maiden parliamentary speech.

The one-time Adelaide City councillor is also expected to advise his WA counterparts that South Australia’s economy is resting on retaining submarine maintenance jobs.

“The South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission determined that SA can safely increase its participation in nuclear activities,” Senator Antic is expected to say, adding the state has the attributes needed to develop a safe waste-facility. As a Government inquiry scrutinises the future of nuclear energy in Australia, Senator Antic, pictured, will call for a “proper debate” on the issue arguing new industries in SA are vital. He will criticise the former Labor government’s “reckless rush” into renewables saying it was a “master class of failed policy”.

As defence and space industries take the place of manufacturing, Senator Antic believes SA’s future is bright – but only if it retains projects such as the Collins Class submarine maintenance jobs, about 700 of them. "To relocate them (to Western Australia) would come at a significant financial cost for this country,” Senator Antic will say. “It would erode the skill base and knowledge capabilities which ensure that this country’s defence sector remains world-class.”

Senator Antic, whose family will be in attendance will also pay tribute to his brother, Nick, who died after a three-year cancer battle in 2016. State Liberal MPs including Sam Duluk, Fraser Ellis, and Steve Murray will also be in attendance.