The COVID injection campaign will go down as the greatest medical scandal of our time

I bet you’ve already noticed the uptick in the use of terms like “myocarditis”, “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”, or the phrase “died suddenly” over the past year.

Medical conditions and causes of death like these were previously rare, largely unheard of and unused in common parlance.

But in the last two years, that’s all changed.

These are not easy issues to talk about, and many would prefer to simply look the other way or to “leave the past in the past”.

I can understand why people don’t want to address or acknowledge it.

It’s a hard truth – a difficult pill to swallow, so to speak.

But we must face these problems head on, and the first step is to acknowledge that something has changed – that something is not quite right.

I recently submitted a Freedom of Information request to the South Australian Department for Health to view the trends in cardiac presentations across our state’s hospitals.

When the data came back, it revealed that for 15-44 year olds, cardiac presentations to all public hospitals in the state were steady at just over 1000 per month, month on month since January 2018.

But right on cue, just as the vaccine mandates rolled out in SA, that number doubled from July to November 2021, spiking at approximately 2100 per month.

If there are 2100 cardiac presentations a month, that’s approximately 35 additional South Australians presenting to hospital with a cardiac condition every single day above the baseline average. 

If ever there was a smoking gun, this is it.

It would be easy to look the other way, but you and I know we can’t do that.

We can’t do that when health authorities across the country continue to push the injection narrative.

The COVID injection campaign and unjust mandates will go down as the greatest medical scandal in history.  

It’s something previously unthinkable for a freedom loving country like Australia, but the truth won’t be ignored.

It’s a truth that you and I have known all along, one we’ve told anyone who will listen, feeling often like we’re screaming at a brick wall.

The truth is that the “experts” got it wrong.

Worse, when they knew it was wrong, they continued to push their narrative.

It’s not too late to save ourselves from a medical technocratic tyranny, which marches on in lock-step with the likes of the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum, to limit your freedom and force you to submit to unelected global control of every aspect of your life.

By continuing to fight, by continuing to push back against the overreach of ‘progressive’ bureaucracies, we can take back our independence.  

We can seize this opportunity to change the trajectory of this great country and put us back on the path of freedom and individual liberty that our forebears fought so hard for.

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