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Have you heard the news?

Recent polling shows that 64% of people in South Australia believe the ABC is one-sided, with only 37% believing it to be accurate and impartial.

The ABC was once a trusted source of news for Australians, but our national broadcaster is no longer as impartial as they say, with a distinct left-wing agenda all too apparent in much of their reporting and other broadcasting.

It’s time to review how the taxpayer-funded ABC operates and make sure they are delivering fair and accurate information to all Australians.

I want an ombudsman established to monitor the operations of the ABC so we can have a national broadcaster that speaks for all Australians.

That's why I've launched a petition that you can sign, to call for the establishment of an ombudsman to oversee the ABC.

Let’s work together to call on our government representatives to investigate this matter further.

Together we can ensure the ABC does not continue its agenda of inaccurate reporting any further.

Sign the petition today to stand up to the ABC's one-sided news!

Petition to Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Federal Minister for Communications

To Hon Paul Fletcher MP, the Minister for Communications,

The ABC was once an institution of national unity, trusted to provide Australians with accurate and impartial news.

But it has developed into a left-wing collective that’s out of touch with mainstream Australia.

Recent polling shows how far it has strayed. Just 37% of Australians believe the ABC to be accurate and impartial.

The Australian people deserve fair and accurate and impartial news and current affairs programming.

That’s why we are calling for the appointment of a public broadcasting ombudsman to monitor the operations of the ABC. 

Taking this action will ensure that Australia can once again find accurate news in the national interest when they turn on the TV, radio, mobile or computer.

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